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The LMS Reporting and Learning Analytics Gap

Posted by Lambda Solutions on Jan 13, 2016

Based on feedback from a few of our reporting webinars, it’s become apparent to us that there is a clear gap and challenge when it comes to learning and talent analytics. The pressure in training and education to demonstrate the value of learning and development programs to c-suite executives is at an all-time high. The need for executive level reporting is a huge challenge when it comes to getting the right data in a timely fashion, and we feel your pain. 

Watch the webinar recording - Proving Effectiveness of Learning in Moodle LMS

Along with this, we've heard the need for:
  • Compliance reporting
  • Activity and completion reports
  • Participation reports

In particular, our poll results indicate the number one need from an LMS reporting solution is the ability to create ad hoc reports. The other half of participants indicated they wanted to be able to create interactive reports and utilize executive dashboards.  


Our focus on open source LMS systems like Moodle and Totara have the same problems. And plug-ins like Configurable Reports are not meeting the needs of our community. We're excited to fill this gap, with our very own LMS reporting and analytics solution. On January 28th, we’ll be hosting a webinar, on Proving the Effectiveness of Learning in Moodle LMS. Join us as we go over some of the key features that allow you to deliver the data that you need. Save your seat!

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