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On-the-Job Training Program: Increase Your Employee Productivity

Did you know that offering on-the-job training could result in receiving over 70 percent more applications when a position is available? Training shouldn’t be limited to teaching an employee how to perform specific tasks; but rather to provide employees with opportunities to become lifelong learners that will empower them in their job and improve engagement at work.

Learn Your Way with an Open Source LMS

Is your learning management system (LMS) platform meeting your organization’s training objectives? Are you modifying your programs to fit the LMS rather than optimizing your LMS to deliver the best learning?

5 Keys to Maintain a Successful LMS After Implementation

What to Look for When Assessing Emerging Learning Technologies

Early adoption is not necessarily a good thing, especially in a corporate environment. Emerging learning technologies represent a real gamble until there is enough data available to make an accurate assessment of how well the new technology will help you achieve your goals.

5 Technologies that are Transforming eLearning

Digital transformation is changing the business landscape at a rapid pace. To thrive in today's ever-evolving industries, modern organizations must transform the way they design, deliver and evaluate learning.

We will highlight five technologies that are powering the digital transformation and disrupting the business of learning. We will also explore practical tactics that innovative companies are using to integrate these technologies into their training and development programs.

Top Ways to Incorporate Gamification into eLearning

Gamification is rapidly becoming an effective eLearning tool. It is defined as “the use of game design and mechanics to enhance non-game contexts by increasing participation, engagement, loyalty and competition.” For eLearning purposes, it serves as an aid for learning specific tasks using video game elements. At its core, gamification taps into people’s penchant for being competitive, collaborative, ambitious, and altruistic. The main reason for the proliferation of this trend is its target users.

Digital Badges: Creating Opportunities to Engage Learners

When the pace of change is faster than the pace of learning, companies are challenged with the ever-widening gap between skills and ability to ensure employees are ready to tackle the next critical business challenge.

To keep up with the accelerating pace of change, employers need new portable, inclusive ways to identify relevant skills and verified competencies. Training and development must adapt to better prepare employees for tomorrow's workplaces while recognizing the unique abilities of individuals. More agile corporate training systems require a common method to identify and track specific competencies.

iMedX and HPHA Save Hundreds of Hours with Totara Learn and Zoola Analytics

Healthcare organizations face unique training challenges, particularly when their operations are spread across several institutions and they serve clients globally. iMedX, a 5,000 person integrated medical document management and health information solutions company serving medical professionals worldwide, and the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA), a health system comprised of four partner hospitals in Ontario, Canada, had a similar challenge. Both organizations needed to update their learning management systems (LMS) in order to progress.

L&D in the Digital Age Through Innovative Technologies

With the explosive growth in disruptive technologies, “digital” has been embraced as the way of life. As technology continues to permeate our workplaces, new ways need to be explored when delivering effective training for global workforces.

How You Can Benefit From Actionable Learning Analytics

Analytics have taken over the business world. Business intelligence and predictive analytics are helping businesses make better decisions and stay competitive. As of 2017, more than half of U.S. companies were using big data.

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