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[Zoola Analytics] Report Focus: Assignment Submission Summary

- 1 MIN READ -

Zoola Analytics: A New Look For Table and Crosstab Reports

- 1 MIN READ -

How To Zoola: Relative Time Filters

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Open Source LMS Cost Considerations: Free Code and Paid eLearning Content

- 2 MIN READ -

Moodle has more than 158 million registered users worldwide. The open source learning management system (LMS) is popular since organizations can download free source code and create an eLearning platform tailored to their needs and goals.

3 Ways Mobile Learning Delivers Results and Improves the ROI of Your L&D Program

- 3 MIN READ - 

With 59% of companies allowing employees to use their mobile device at work, it makes sense to use this platform to deliver training material. Here's how the mobile platform can improve the ROI of your L&D program:

5 Signs an LMS Vendor Delivers an Outstanding Customer Experience

- 4 MIN READ - 

What sets a learning management system (LMS) provider apart from other vendors? Too many organizations overlook customer service and experience when selecting a vendor.

If you are thinking about implementing an LMS, choose a vendor who will help you succeed by assisting you to select the right LMS and configuring it according to your unique needs. Tech support and learning resources are other elements that will ensure your success.

Build a Stronger Succession Planning Process with eLearning

- 3 MIN READ - 

Businesses need a strong succession planning strategy more than ever as baby boomers are beginning to retire. Here is how you can develop a strategy to fill key roles in your organization and how you can use an LMS to prepare employees for leadership positions.

Make a Great First Impression with a Solid New Hire Onboarding Program

- 3 MIN READ - 

Surveys show that 20% of turnovers happen within 45 days of hiring. That's reason enough to know that your onboarding program will shape a new hire's first impression of your organization. Therefore, you need to deliver a program that immediately engages new hires and prepares them to complete their tasks to reduce turnover. Often, that means making an excellent first impression.

5 eLearning Benefits for Talent Development and Performance

- 3 MIN READ - 

Strengthening current employee skills and helping them develop new ones is a key element of attracting talent, retaining employees and building a successful business model. Consider investing in eLearning to add to your talent development program, keep employees engaged and build a strong business model.

Why Your Business Needs Role-based Training for New Employees

- 4 MIN READ - 

For any business, understanding how to train new employees efficiently so they can operate with maximum efficiency is always a priority. Despite an increasing need for specialized training as more and more millennials enter the workforce, many businesses overlook how useful role-based training can be.

This article will detail why role-based training works, and how role-based training can assist HR and L&D managers in their roles.

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