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What Are The Most Important Training KPIs for eLearning?

Learning Management Systems empower L&D managers and users by collecting a wealth of helpful learner data. Knowing when learners are active, where they excel, where they might struggle, and what most engages learners, is all crucial in evolving and bettering training programs. But how should L&D managers and course administrators go about collecting this data? What are the most helpful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an online training course, and how can LMS software be used to develop training KPIs once they’ve been collected?

Using Data Analytics In L&D To Improve Corporate Training Experiences

In 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released an article predicting that Learning and Development (L&D) professionals and educators would use data analytics more frequently when designing training courses for new employees.

Since then, it has become clearer that data does indeed have an integral role to play in corporate training. This article will teach you everything you need to know about using analytics to improve e-learning and promote training experiences for new employees.

How To Ditch Vanity Metrics For Actionable Metrics For Better eLearning

As the digital age has revolutionized the big data and eLearning industries, it's become easier than ever for educators in the eLearning space to track the various metrics of their students. However, the metrics commonly tracked by educators can often be non-factors in the actual success of their eLearning programs and students, while the useful ones go untracked.

The Most Beneficial Learning Metrics for eLearning and Why You Should Track Them

Metrics has been a buzzword in education circles for some time, and for good reason. The learning metrics that educators track can have a huge impact on how effective their learning experiences are, and thus hold an immense amount of power.

The same is no less true of metrics in eLearning, and in this article, we'll go over some beneficial metrics that you should look into measuring in your eLearning experiences.

Why Businesses Should Use Data Analytics for Their Budget Planning

For most businesses, having an accurate budget is synonymous with success. Despite the need for a solid budget, many companies struggle to create actionable spending plans that they can rely on. This article will cover how and why you should start utilizing the power of data analytics software for budget planning.

How Data Analytics Can Streamline Your Training Course Design Process

There can be a number of reasons for creating or updating the employee training courses in your business, and doing it right can mean a more successful and productive environment. Designing a training course the wrong way means a waste of both time and resources —  yours and those of your employees. 

What is LMS? Learning Management Systems in 2019

With every year, education in schools, businesses, and corporations becomes more digitally focused and more integrated with technology. Central to the digitization of learning are Learning Management Systems: the backbone of any eLearning or blended learning curriculum. But what exactly is an LMS, and why are they so useful to educators regardless of industry?

Incorporating Video-based Learning Experiences Into Your eLearning and Training Programs

There's little doubt within the education industry that eLearning marks the next frontier for both academic learning and corporate training. Studies have shown that learners appreciate the convenience that eLearning brings to learning experiences by allowing learners to complete and revisit material at their convenience.

This holds true in the cases of advanced VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) learning software, which provide those undergoing training the complete practical application experiences through eLearning.

Why Interactive eLearning Experiences are the Future of Education

It's no secret that as far as corporate training is concerned, eLearning represents the future of education. Through the use of eLearning experiences, educators can create invaluable seminars for learners - that is, if they make their eLearning courses interactive.

In this article, we'll go over exactly why interactivity is a crucial element of a successful eLearning experience, as well as how you can make your eLearning experiences more interactive.

Self-Paced Learning Strategies for eLearning Success

Self-paced learning is a powerful learning model that enables students to optimize learning for their own needs. By handing the scheduling of curricula and lesson activities over to students, educators uncover potential learning opportunities previously obscured by rigid timetables and schedules. But in a busy world, students can often feel pressures on their time and commitment. Additionally, newcomers to self-paced learning can struggle with a lack of formal structure. To help, we’ve devised the following list of self-paced learning strategies to keep you, or your students, on track and motivated towards your learning goals.

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