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Why Your Business Needs Role-based Training for New Employees

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For any business, understanding how to train new employees efficiently so they can operate with maximum efficiency is always a priority. Despite an increasing need for specialized training as more and more millennials enter the workforce, many businesses overlook how useful role-based training can be.

This article will detail why role-based training works, and how role-based training can assist HR and L&D managers in their roles.

Why Businesses Should Look to eLearning for Continuing Education

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For most organizations, training new employees is a relatively simple process. While training procedures and learning experiences can - and should - be iteratively improved upon to remain constant with the best practices throughout time, for most well-established places of work, the creation and improvement of training material should be a well-oiled machine.

How To Replace Adobe Flash

- 2 MIN READ - 

Adobe Flash Player once the internet’s most widely utilized browser plugin is being phased out and Adobe will officially cease supporting the plugin by 2020.

While this isn’t a new revelation, Flash’s end was announced in 2017, by mid-2019 most browsers will be disabling Flash Player support. This means that any Flash content will not display or be available.

But what does this mean for your LMS? Keep reading to see how you can determine if your eLearning programs are using Flash, and what options are available to replace it.

[Zoola Analytics] Report Focus: Schedules Overview Report

Two parts of a Site Administrator’s role are managing what happens on their site to ensure that it fits within the business rules of the organization, and maintaining a sustainable site. Our new Schedules Summary Report is designed to help Site Administrators with these two tasks: You can see in a glance, all of the reports that are scheduled out of your system, assess if they are set up correctly and check for any potential issues.

Set and Forget: Report sharing and scheduling

Part of wanting to schedule a report is the automation of having the system send out reports for you at desired intervals. Since Zoola Analytics is specifically designed for learning analytics, we know that courses often have a start and end date, so it’s important that the scheduling feature can accommodate these constraints.

Schedule a Report with Zoola Analytics

Students and teachers--and any other LMS user--can now schedule their own reports through the Zoola Reports Block.

Suppose that you have a Health & Safety Coordinator who is charged to ensure that everyone in the organization has completed a new training initiative. The Coordinator could use the report to assess users who have not yet completed their work, then send a filtered report to specific users with a message to encourage them to complete their training. Alternatively, a report filtered for a business unit could be sent to a manager to congratulate them on completing the program ahead of time.

The possibilities are endless!

3 Reasons eLearning is Crucial for Employee Training and Development

Experts estimate that eLearning could become a $325 billion industry by 2025. Universities and colleges are investing in online learning platforms due to the increasing demand, but eLearning is also turning us into lifelong learners beyond college and transforming employee training and development in the workplace.

Continuous Learning: How to Create Engaging Training Programs for Professional Development

Did you know that 94% of employees say they would stay at their current job longer if they had access to a great training program providing career-growth opportunities? It's also good for the company to provide a continuous learning and development program. Delivering an L&D program that fosters long-term professional development is crucial for employee satisfaction and retention.

The Trends that are Defining the Future of Higher Education

Pedagogical norms and the general practices of educators and institutions are constantly changing, and this is no less true within the niche of higher education than it is within the education industry at large. To help you prepare for how the learning landscape of higher education will change during the coming years, here are some dominant future trends in higher education that you need to keep your eye on.

5 Factors You Need to Consider When Looking for an eLearning Solution Provider

Both businesses and academic institutions are increasingly investing in eLearning as their preferred method for delivering knowledge and training to learners. If you want your organization to succeed, finding the right eLearning solution provider is vital. We've identified five factors to consider when choosing an eLearning solution provider.

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