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The Best Tools for Increasing Learner Engagement

One of the most important elements of any eLearning experience is undoubtedly learner engagement. Needless to say, without learners who are sufficiently engaged in the material they are learning, any learning experience is doomed to fail.

This article will help you keep abreast of the tools you can use to drastically increase the learner engagement of your eLearning experience.

What is xAPI and Why Should You Deploy It?

Multi-platform users represent 46 percent of the connected population worldwide. Switching between screens is the new norm, and it applies to eLearning. This trend makes eLearning content more accessible, but it represents a challenge when it comes to tracking learning activities, performance and engagement.

The Experience API was partly developed to create eLearning solutions adapted to this new landscape.

The Benefits of a Cloud-based LMS for the Healthcare Industry

Training and education play a crucial role in ensuring patient satisfaction, accurate diagnosis, and a safe and compliant workplace. Healthcare training can be challenging since it must be customized to each role. Here is why a cloud-based Learning Management System is the best solution to address this challenge.

How Learner Autonomy Helps Students Become More Capable Adults

As scholars continue to study and reveal successful pedagogical practices, there has been no shortage of recent revelations concerning what are the most effective ways to educate students. Although the theory of learner autonomy has been pervasive in education circles for years, it has only been shown to have gained more credibility over time. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about learner autonomy, as well as ways in which schools and teachers can successfully incorporate learning autonomy into their classrooms.

The Importance of Incorporating Interactive Learning Elements into eLearning Experiences

For educators in both the education and business industries, eLearning has been widely adopted as an effective way to transmit information to learners. In case you wanted some figures to back up this statement, here are the stats:

Why Your Corporate Training Needs to Utilize Adaptive Learning

The digital age has brought with it incredible improvements in the area of education. One such revolution has been the development of adaptive learning based on cognitive principles that utilize computers as interactive teaching and training devices. This allows educators and trainers to provide content optimized for each learner into their curriculum.

Here's how adaptive learning works, and why it's the next step you should consider taking to revolutionize your company's training programs.

The Biggest Education Technology Trends for 2019

Every year, it seems like more and more media outlets are ready to announce the end of the traditional classroom — that desks and chalkboards will soon be discarded to make way for flipped classes, digital workspaces and social learning. The truth is, the best educational technology doesn’t replace the traditional classroom, but enhances it. Through the latest educational innovations, teachers and students now have better access to quality resources and effective learning methods than ever before. Here are five technology trends set to further enhance the educational landscape in 2019.

How To Benefit From Game-Based Learning and Gamification in eLearning

Game-based learning and gamification are often talked about interchangeably when it comes to eLearning, but they are not the same. So what does each term actually mean, and how is each implemented into a learning system?

From online education to employee training, learning through games has become an important way of training and teaching. The practice is quite a disruption in the marketplace.

Despite some debate over its value, the practices of gamification and game-based learning continue to rise in popularity. Here are some of the difference, and how to implement them in your learning management system (LMS).

Why Your Organization Needs Skill Gap Analysis

You don’t know what you don’t know, but there is a way to find out!

Discover how to find and close skills gaps in your learning and development programs and watch your training effectiveness improve along with learner performance to the benefit of your entire organization.

How to Incorporate Collaborative Learning Into eLearning Experiences

Research into how to improve methods of education in recent years has yielded drastic results that are changing how instructors and learners interact and approach learning. One such development is the rise of collaborative learning, which has been heralded as the future of education. For many educators, however, the rise of eLearning has made introducing collaborative elements into learning experiences difficult. This article will show you everything you need to know to successfully incorporate collaborative learning elements into eLearning experiences.

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