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iMedX and HPHA Save Hundreds of Hours with Totara Learn and Zoola Analytics

Healthcare organizations face unique training challenges, particularly when their operations are spread across several institutions and they serve clients globally. iMedX, a 5,000 person integrated medical document management and health information solutions company serving medical professionals worldwide, and the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA), a health system comprised of four partner hospitals in Ontario, Canada, had a similar challenge. Both organizations needed to update their learning management systems (LMS) in order to progress.

L&D in the Digital Age Through Innovative Technologies

With the explosive growth in disruptive technologies, “digital” has been embraced as the way of life. As technology continues to permeate our workplaces, new ways need to be explored when delivering effective training for global workforces.

How You Can Benefit From Actionable Learning Analytics

Analytics have taken over the business world. Business intelligence and predictive analytics are helping businesses make better decisions and stay competitive. As of 2017, more than half of U.S. companies were using big data.

Datafication: Using Data and Analytics to Drive Performance in L&D

How do you measure the effectiveness of your learning and development program? Most organizations look at costs, revenues, and user feedback from employees. However, this approach doesn't track engagement, employee success which will affect the business results in the long term.

How to Translate Numbers into Stories Using Data Visualization

Did you know that 
58% of businesses make half of their decisions based on a gut feeling rather than data? This percentage goes up 70% for laggard companies.

The challenge isn't so much into obtaining data as it is in making sense of these data. This is an issue that you are probably all too familiar with. Data is widely available, but translating these numbers into a story that resonates with your audience and that helps you achieve your learning outcomes is a skill that you need to master.

How Toyota Correlates Training to Employee Performance

eLearning is especially important for a global company like Toyota, because it provides consistent training across all markets, when people need it. Toyota Latin America-Caribbean is comprised of 42 markets, 43 distributors and uses three separate sites, powered by Totara Learn, to accommodate the complex scale and distribution of their eLearning program.

Why Picking a Full Service LMS Provider is Important: 5 Things CLOs Need to Know

Are your learners’ heads in the clouds? If not, maybe they should be. Feature-rich learning management systems (LMS) and cloud-based hosting solutions to deliver eLearning improve the education experience with advanced technologies by enabling organizations to deliver training anywhere, to anyone who needs it, when they need it. It also enables companies to scale their capabilities while making it easy to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

How To Adopt a Lean Learning Analytics Approach

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”Sherlock Holmes, From “A Study in Scarlett” (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

The popular fictional private detective character, Sherlock Holmes, was a master of observation and relentlessly dug for the facts to solve cases. L&D professionals can take a page from this infamous sleuth to deeply understand their learning programs with the goal of optimizing courses for maximum learner engagement and effectiveness.

Is It Time for a New Learning Evaluation Model? Yes!

97% want to improve the way they gather and analyse data on learning impact¹.

Following our attendance at ATD2018, one of the sessions attended by our VP of Product has further sparked our interest and we wanted to bring this insight to our readers. In his talk on Getting Radically Improved Data From Learner Evaluations at the start of the conference, Dr. Will Thalheimer, PhD, President of Work-Learning Research, Inc. challenged the Kirkpatrick-Katzell 4-level learning evaluation model, citing that it is now decades old (over 60 years old, before the computer age) and the principles on which it was developed was before cognitive psychology revolutionized the learning field. Now that the training field has transformed from one that focused on the classroom learning experience to one geared toward work performance, it’s been long overdue to update the model to one that spurs us toward greater learning effectiveness.

5 Reporting Strategies for Moodle You Need to Know

As your courses run and your students participate, Moodle LMS tracks and stores a treasure trove of data that is as insightful as it is actionable.

Leveraged properly, this data can help effect change that will positively impact training programs. But all too often, organizations do not make full use of the information stored in Moodle. The abundance of data can be intimidating, and causes many Learning & Development (L&D) departments to fall back on superficial metrics like course completion rates.

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