2015's Top 10 Trends in HR, Talent and Learning Strategies—Part 1

Posted by SeanH on Jan 19, 2015 8:46:00 AM

If you share our enthusiasm for the quickly changing work world, you will be keen to learn the trends this year in corporate HR, talent management and learning. This is the 11th year that Bersin by Deloitte has published their annual report and we couldn’t be more excited to summarize their insights for you. As the global economy continues to recover, technology continues to change and demographics continue to shift, Josh Bersin, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, sheds light on the factors that will redefine the nature of work this year. Continue reading to learn more! 

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5 Insights into Workplace Social Learning Technologies

Posted by SeanH on Dec 23, 2014 8:36:32 AM

The evolution of social technologies from Yahoo in 1995 to Facebook in 2004 has greatly impacted the way we communicate and hence the way we learn in our professional lives. Saba and the Human Capital Media (HCM) Advisory Group surveyed over 500 senior leaders from a wide range of industries and company sizes to better understand how organizations are adopting social learning technologies to achieve their learning and talent development goals.

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Topics: social learning in corporations, education technology, social learning, LMS social learning applications, corporate training, Talent Management, workplace social learning, social learning at work

2014’s Top three Innovations in eLearning Pedagogy

Posted by SeanH on Dec 16, 2014 8:13:34 AM

The Open University recently released a report on the new innovations in teaching, learning and assessments which are changing higher education at large. While the report outlines the ten eLearning pedagogy innovations that are predicated to profoundly impact the way post-secondary students learn, there are three that we believe will have the most immediate impact in areas where institutional learning takes place. It is important to take note that while this report was written for an education audience, the pedagogical innovations have similar implications for corporate, healthcare and government environments as well. Let’s take a closer look at how Massive Open Social Learning, Learning Analytics and Blended Learning will influence the way we learn.

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Topics: video and learning analytics, education technology, Massive open online courses, MOOCs, massive open social learning, learning analytics Moodle, learning analytics, eLearning, blended learning

Getting Started with Gamification for eLearning: Identifying Gaming Components

Posted by SeanH on Dec 12, 2014 7:45:00 AM

Now that you have a deep understanding of how Gamification and Game Based Learning differ, it’s time to begin considering the Gamification elements that will help increase engagement in your eLearning courses.

Many people think that Gamification is a complicated and technical process but this is simply not true. Using gaming components, you can begin building Gamification in your eLearning courses as long as you have a talent or learning management system to support your online learning and training. Contact one of our experts today to find a talent and learning management system that is the right fit for you. To begin, we will outline a few things to consider before designing Gamification for eLearning.

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Topics: eLearning gamification, gamifcation, gamification in eLearning, gamificaiton elements, corporate training, eLearning, gamificaiton for eLearning, gamification components

Why Governments want Open Source Software

Posted by SeanH on Dec 11, 2014 7:07:27 AM

A recent report co-published by Zimbra and the Ponemon Institute, The Open Source Collaboration Study: Viewpoints on Security and Privacy in the US and EMEA, confirmed the changing perceptions of open source software. Once thought to be risky for security and privacy concerns—the study uncovers the fact that open source software is now viewed to be of higher quality due to enhanced privacy and security.

The survey drew in responses from IT and IT security practitioners across 18 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the United States. The majority (57%) of respondents came from the US and EMEA and indicated that they were very familiar with their organizations’ data privacy and security policies. When asked if open source solutions for commercial banking would increase transparency, security and trustworthiness of applications, 68% of US respondents and 78% of EMEA respondents said ‘yes’.

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Topics: open source for government, Open source, open source solutions, proprietary LMS vs open source, eLearning solutions open source, open source software

3 Tips to Succeed as an Instructional Designer

Posted by Brent Harvey on Dec 9, 2014 4:10:00 AM

In today’s growing e-learning market, instructional designers are critical in helping organizations reach their goals but all too often, many do not see the value they bring to organizational development.

This is becoming more common in organizations that view training and learning as a necessary evil versus understanding the strategic business value it can bring. In a struggling economy, executive pressures are at an all time high and the value of training is often forgotten.

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Topics: instructional designer, eLearning specialist, corporate eLearning, corporate training, eLearning, instructional design, eLearning instructor

Gamification vs. Game Based Learning in eLearning

Posted by SeanH on Dec 5, 2014 8:22:10 AM

Co-hosted with Limestone Learning, our webinar: Gamify your eLearning! 6 Ways to Incorporate Gamification into eLearning was one of our most successful to date so we thought we would share the learning outcomes in a series of articles. We believe that the webinar had high attendance and little drop-off because now more than ever, trainers and educators are seeking means to make online learning and training more engaging. With free access to interactive social platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter—our expectations to be engaged and entertained are high.


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Topics: eLearning gamification, gamification in eLearning, gamification, game based learning, Lambda Solutions, instructional design

Start-ups a Key Contributor in the Rapidly Growing eLearning Market

Posted by SeanH on Dec 2, 2014 9:09:00 AM

There has been an upward trend in the past 10 years in both the growth of internet use and consumer expenditure on education. Online and cloud-based technology tools are quickly being adopted by academic institutions, business, hospitals and consumers, which is quickly propelling the global education technology (EduTech) market forward.


According to Euromonitor International research, global education expenditure is expected to grow by 95% in real terms between 2014 and 2030 which is bar none the fastest growing market segment. This projected growth is increasing investment in the once thought to be risky market which partially explains the rapid rise in innovative start-ups. This is changing the eLearning market at large.

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Topics: elearning market projections, eLearning market, corporate eLearning, e-learning, eLearning, EduTech

Healthcare Learning Management System Survey Results

Posted by SeanH on Dec 1, 2014 7:25:34 AM

We recently issued a survey targeting professionals from the healthcare world to gain insight into the particular learning and development challenges they face. Being fairly familiar with the challenges faced by those from the corporate enterprise world we were curious to see if the healthcare industry—hospitals in particular—are struggling with similar challenges and to what degree. We received over 300 responses coming from a range of professionals who work in hospitals. Responses came from those who work in: IT, Operations/Administration, Human Resources, Learning and Development, Nursing, and Education/Research. The majority of responses came from Directors/Managers/Supervisors, Senior Management and Staff Members. Before we issue the full report, we thought we would share some key takeaways.

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Topics: Healthcare, Talent Management, Learning Management System

The Top 10 Benefits of Online Training Part 2

Posted by SeanH on Nov 26, 2014 8:09:00 AM

Yesterday we introduced the first five benefits of online training and today we will provide the final five! If you missed part one on the top 10 benefits of online training you can check them out here.

6. Online Training Makes Knowledge Transfer Easier

With baby boomers retiring at ever quickening rates, change management managers are busier than ever. Using the company learning management system, knowledge that needs to be transferred to current and future employees can be organized so that training managers can re-purpose information easier and faster. Whether it is a system, process or skill that needs to be learnt—online training makes it easy to facilitate organizational change in a cost effective manner.

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Topics: cost benefits of online training, online training, benefits of online training, corporate training, Talent Management, Learning Management System, online corporate training, talent management sysyem, benefits of online corporate training

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