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The Costs Associated with an Open Source LMS - Part 2

Posted by Nimritta P. on Jan 10, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Last week we published an article on the Hidden Costs of an Open Source LMS - we covered services and extended features, including LMS Support, LMS Training, Setup & Configuration, Ongoing Support, LMS Reporting, and LMS Theming. This is Part 2. 

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5 Emerging Trends in Education Technology

Posted by Nimritta P. on Jan 4, 2017 8:41:16 AM

As innovators in the eLearning space, we keep an eye on emerging trends, terms, and technology in the industry. Here are some of the top education technology trends that have been on our radar recently!

  1. 1. Virtual Reality

While basic forms of virtual realities have been around since the early 90’s, a more sophisticated model is expected to formulate and take off in the next year or so. Students can “visit” places virtually that they do not have physical access to — historical times, monuments, under the sea, other countries, and even outer space. Virtual realities can take history and science lessons to the next level!

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The Costs Associated with an Open Source LMS

Posted by Nimritta P. on Jan 3, 2017 7:00:00 AM

The iceberg analogy is one we use often when discussing implementations. Buyers spend a great deal of time looking for the LMS features that they want, but rarely stop to think about the aspects under the surface - like training, or support. These “hidden” aspects are important to consider, and to know upfront when assessing a potential LMS, because they give you an understanding of where your money is going.

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Topics: Open source, open source LMS, online education costs

2016 in Review: The Latest & Greatest in Moodle LMS, Totara LMS, and Lambda Learning Solutions

Posted by Nimritta P. on Dec 13, 2016 6:00:00 AM

After such a busy year of new and improved products, features and capabilities in the open source LMS world, we thought we would put together a “2016 in Review” holiday reading guide to get you caught up on the latest and greatest news related to Moodle, Totara, and Lambda Learning Solutions.  

This year brought an abundance of exciting new features and enhancements to Moodle, Totara, and Lambda Solutions - learn more in this series of short (but informative!) excerpts from some of our 2016 blog posts!

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Topics: Moodle LMS, Integrations, Moodle plugins, learning analytics, Totara LMS, Lambda Solutions, lms reporting

eCommerce Integrations for Moodle LMS

Posted by Nimritta P. on Dec 12, 2016 12:40:34 PM

eCommerce integration is one of the most highly requested features for learning management systems like Moodle and Totara LMS. Why? Because a eCommerce integration for your LMS allows your eLearning departments to either become cost-neutral, or turn a profit - with the amount of money that goes into creating courses and programs, this is a welcome benefit.

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Topics: Moodle LMS, Integrations, Moodle plugins, ecommerce

Mythbusters: Open Source Software Edition

Posted by Nimritta P. on Dec 6, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Open source software is used by some of the world’s top organizations, like McDonalds, the US Department of Defense, and Google. You don’t have to look hard to find out why, as the benefits of open source software are endless. Open Source learning management systems cost less, they are highly flexible and they are more secure. Despite these positive features, there seems to be some common misconceptions surrounding open source technology. We would like to take this opportunity to debunk 3 common open source myths.

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LMS Hosting with a Digital Media Library

Posted by Ben Young on Dec 1, 2016 3:59:54 PM

The idea behind online learning and eLearning, is to utilize technology to engage learners with course material in a dynamic and interactive way. Modern online courses often incorporate elements such as rich video production, audio narration, flash animation, interactive learning games, and more.

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2017 Forecast: 9 HR Trends Disrupting the Market - Part 3

Posted by Nimritta P. on Nov 29, 2016 7:00:00 AM

We previously published Part 1 and Part 2 of our recap of Bersin by Deloitte's report, HR Technology Disruptions for 2017: Nine Trends Reinventing the HR Software Market.  Here is Part 3. 

#7) Convergence of Team Management and HR Tools

New software systems like Slack, Trello, and Basecamp are making it easier for teams to collaborate on work, communicate with one another, and manage projects. This trend is indicative of a shift in importance — away from adopting tools that assist HR professionals manage their teams, towards tools that assist employees and managers perform better on the job. This doesn’t mean that HR tech companies are no longer interested in supporting HR teams, it simply means that there is a new branch of HR technology that is meant to be used by individual employees to assist in their everyday work. These HR tools are being integrated into employee workflows, so that they can be used by everyone.

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Topics: education technology, HR, Disruptive HR technology, HR technology, HR trends

2016 Corporate Training Trends

Posted by Nimritta P. on Nov 24, 2016 6:00:00 AM

The LMS market is projected to reach $11 billion in worth 2020. With this anticipated growth, corporate training investments are also steadily inclining - there is nearly $4.5 billion being invested in learning management systems for corporate training, as organizations are quick to jump on effective ways to deliver employee training.

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Topics: online training, corporate training, online learning, eLearning trends

6 LMS Reporting Features for Moodle & Totara LMS

Posted by Nimritta P. on Nov 9, 2016 10:03:12 AM

LMS Reporting is a) The most sought after LMS feature, b) The feature LMS users are the least happy with, and c) The number one reason people seek to switch LMS vendors.

This is because many of the LMS LMS reporting and analytics solutions fall short in delivering what users need, making the search for a good solution a lengthy process. To make the process a little bit easier, our reporting experts have compiled a list of the 6 LMS reporting features that will meet your reporting needs, and prove the value of your learning and training programs to your stakeholders. 

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